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Seeya... [30 Oct 2012|11:03pm]

Don't know if you all heard, but LJ is being taken over by the Russians [it's like a plot to a bad post-Cold War Avant Garde espionage thriller, or something. anyway...] and they're changing EVERYTHING INTO CYRILLIC. And as I'm sure plenty of people heard too, but Star Wars is being bought by Disney, so it seems everything is kinda falling to pieces.

I'm leaving for Army Basic next week, so maybe this is a good way to say goodbye to LJ and all the folks I've talked to on here.

This comm. is pretty much dead so far as I can tell, but I'd be remiss in not saying goodbye to everybody. Best of luck to you all!
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Speculations - A Null ARC fic [04 Dec 2011|04:59pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

More fic - yay!

Title: Speculations
Summary: Ordo sighed and looked over at Mereel. As far as he was concerned, they were just scratches. But Jaing and A'den seemed peculiarly fascinated by them. Null ARCS have some downtime in the gym, and Mereel has new scars. My first shot at something which vaguely resembles comedy. If you love the Null ARCs, especially Mereel, then you should check this out.
Rating: T



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Don't You Wanna Stay? - A Besany Wennen/Ordo Skirata songfic [04 Dec 2011|04:56pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Don't despair, people! I bring fic. :D

Title: Don't You Wanna Stay?
Summary: Songfic to 'Don't You Wanna Stay' by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. Ten years of training hadn't prepared him for this. And, in a way, he was glad. What happened shortly after Ordo married Besany. Not a lot of plot, just a lot of wedding night fluff...great for Ordo/Besany fans (I hope XD).
Pairing: Ordo/Besany
Rating: T


Diolch yn fawr!

x-posted to [info]oya_manda and [info]hug_clones.

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[04 Oct 2011|11:59pm]

There's a new challenge up at my journal. I won't be able to answer until I get out of class tomorrow, but feel free to drop me a prompt.
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[22 Sep 2011|05:02am]

Err- Hi there, dear people. I'm incredibly sorry for not bringing fic, but unfortunately, I don't have any... Don't you want to change that? Lately, I've been severely short on RPs, and with the 4th season rolling in, I found myself once again fascinated by the idea of clone fics.

So if anybody would like to write lovely clones (mostly OCs, thought some canon chars are an option), hit me up on AIM (grimoiregal) or MSN.
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After long Hiatus... a short Ordo / Besany fluff piece [16 Sep 2011|06:00pm]

Seems a bit quiet in here, so I bring some more Null ARC awkward love. It's not much by way of conversation starter, but... I want to complete this challenge eventually, and maybe someone here would like to read it anyway. C':

Pairing: Null Arc 11 - Ordo / Agent Besany Wennen
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando
Rating: PG+
X-Posted: 30_distractions  , hug_clones  , oya_manda
Disclaimer: This is a non-profit, amateur effort not intended to infringe on the rights of any copyright holder. Characters belong to their respective owners.
Summary: Time is fleeting, he recalled his realization over the return to Coruscant. Make the best of it.

(False cut to victory?)

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[25 May 2011|01:29pm]

I foresee life annoying me for the next week, so I'm putting up a whatever-I-feel-like challenge on my lj. That is to say, you give me a prompt and I'll respond with a one-sentence, a drabble or a sketch. Basically, as it says on the tin, whatever I feel like.

So... entertain me.

x-posted all over the damn place
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[fic][SW:RC/CW, Darman, Niner, Ashoka, Rex, PG-13] Divergence [19 Jun 2010|05:40pm]

So a friend of mine made me watch Clone Wars. Which is only fair since I made her pick up the Republic Commando novels. And thus, this came about.

Title: Divergence
Fandom: Star Wars: Republic Commando/Clone Wars
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1435
Characters: Darman, Niner, Ashoka, Rex, Ennen, Rede
Summary: Takes place some time in Imperial Commando. Squad 40 chases down a Jedi.

(Tano froze in panic and fear and that one moment was all Darman needed.)
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Do you accept this challenge? [23 May 2010|03:52pm]

I'm opening up a 1-sentence challenge post on my lj to keep from being too bored at work. People, prompt away!

Feed me, Seymour!
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Justice For All-Short Boba Fett Oneshot [29 Apr 2010|10:29pm]

[ mood | tired ]

 Title: Justice For All
Boba Fett, unspecified clonetrooper
A brief encounter with a clonetrooper leaves young Boba Fett with a new reason to seek justice.
Just a quick thing I wrote up when I was feeling sad. It doesn't have a plot. It's more of a 'something to think about' type of thing.


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Star Wars: Clone Wars 'The Little Things' Clone/Girl [09 Apr 2010|09:03pm]

Title: The Little Things
Fandom: Star Wars Clone Wars (AU)
Characters: Fa'ale Leh/Genne and Waxer
Ratings & Warnings: PG (dark themes)
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me in spite of being under the weather. It is greatly appreciated *hugs*
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Summary: Waxer learned firsthand that not all encounters were always positive. Life was fast, hard, and short on the frontlines; he soon learnt it was not much different on the home front either. That was until Genne came into his life.

The Little Things.Collapse )
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Star Wars:Clone Wars 'All Left Unsaid' *Aayla/Bly* [05 Apr 2010|04:12pm]

Title: All left unsaid
Fandom: Star Wars Clone Wars (AU)
Characters: Commander Bly and Aayla Secura
Ratings & Warnings: G
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me! Also to rjsteamboat76 for pointing out some typoes I missed *blushes*
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Summary: Commander Bly contemplates the friendship and relationship he shares with the Jedi General Aayla Secura.

All left unsaid.Collapse )
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Star Wars: Clone Wars 'Not Alone' *Clone/Girl* [29 Mar 2010|05:28pm]

Title: Not Alone.
Fandom: Star Wars: Clone Wars *AU*
Characters: Sheltay Retrac and Commander Cody
Genre: hurt/comfort, friendship, war, general, angst
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me! *glomps*
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author's Notes: This is loosely based on the same universe as my tale High Hopes only in this story Cody clearly does not commit suicide.
Summary: In the past, Cody’s brothers often spoke of their brief interactions with the fairer sex. Even the slightest gesture of affection, a sincere smile, a kind word, the brushing of fingers held a great weight when one knew only a life of violence and sacrifice. This was not at all how he imagined his first real encounter with a woman would be like.

Not Alone.Collapse )
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Star Wars: Clone Wars 'Sentientology' A Barris Offee and Gree tale [17 Mar 2010|05:26pm]

Title: Sentientology
Fandom: Star Wars Clone Wars (AU)
Characters: Gree and Barriss Offee
Ratings & Warnings: G
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me!
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Summary: A brief encounter with a jedi padawan healer reminds Gree that even in times of war peace can be found.

Sentientology.Collapse )
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Star Wars: Clone Wars 'The Mission' *Chopper and Moteé fic* [09 Mar 2010|06:49am]

Title: The Mission
Characters: Chopper and Moteé
Genre: friendship, war, general
Ratings & Warnings: PG (violence)
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me! *glomps*
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author's notes: This tale is a continuation of Escapes.

The Mission.Collapse )
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Star Wars: Clone Wars 'The Woman' *A Slick Fic* [14 Feb 2010|11:07am]

Title: The Woman
Fandom: Star Wars: Clone Wars
Characters: Slick, Flight Attendent, (Chopper, Sketch and Shiv mentioned)
Pairings: None (Slick has a crush ;) )
Genre: general, tragedy, angst
Ratings & Warnings: PG-13 (War)
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author’s Notes: This tale was inspired by this image which is shown on Slick’s speeder via the Starwars.com online comics (Shadowed.) It was also equally inspired by the U2 song Lemon.

This tale was written some time ago and may not completely follow the procedures of canon events. Also please be warned this tale does hint at a one-sided hetrosexual attraction which may offend readers. So proceed with caution…
Summary: She was a flight attendant, a nameless face, just like him. Her eyes said she had seen the galaxy in all of its beauty and ugliness. Her smile revealed that she had not given up hope. None of his training could have prepared Slick for her, or the rush of emotions she had awoken within him.

The Woman.Collapse )
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But, I'm fairly new to the community and I found this gem on youtube. A classic song about privilage during war and how some just didn't have it. Fits with our boys doesn't it? I think so, so I thought I'd post it here. If it's already appeared here before I apologize.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars 'A Captain's Duty' *Rex, Ahsoka fic* [09 Feb 2010|08:02pm]

Title: A captain's duty
Fandom: Star Wars (AU)
Characters: Captain Rex and Ahsoka
Ratings & Warnings: Mild PG (war themes)
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Summery: Ahsoka needed him to be strong and she needed him to be a friend. Rex would be both; out of respect, out of duty, and out of honour.
Authors Notes: This tale hints at heterosexual attraction which may offend viewers, proceed at your own discretion.

A captain's Duty.Collapse )
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Star Wars: Clone Wars *AU* 'Escapes' [23 Dec 2009|06:36pm]

Title: Escapes
Fandom: Star Wars (AU)
Characters: Chopper and Moteé
Genre: friendship, war, general
Ratings & Warnings: PG-14
Beta: A huge thank you to cariel for beta reading this for me! *glomps*
Disclaimer: Not mine. None of it.
Author's notes: This tale is an AU of an AU and was inspired by a tale I am currently co-authoring with cariel

Escapes.Collapse )
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It was coming for a while I suppose... [09 Dec 2009|08:30pm]

[ mood | irritated ]


If there's one thing I've always hated about big name Star Wars projects, it's that they always think their canon supercedes everything else before it, like it's the hippest ****ing thing since Huey Lewis. Not only am I pissed off at the complete arrogance of the people behind the Clone Wars show to just make up their own canon about the Mandalorians, and how it's like "hey assholes, there has been Mando canon that's been established before you, ever since the 1980s in fact. get with the program," they shove their fat around and it smashes into us, the little Fett/Commando/Mando fans who are just trying to have our own happy little niche in the SW galaxy.

I mean, just what the **** is happening? Did the Mandalorians all of a sudden become trendy? I always thought us Mandalorian fans were like small cult followers, like we minded our own business (except for the random Jedi bashing) and everything. Traviss was a messiah because she set up the Mandos in the modern timeline, and we all traveled off to paradise.

And then while we were laying on the beach in paradise on our beach towels, catching some rays, checking out gals or girls (whatever you prefer), some snot nosed punks with $8.00 lightsaber toys from Target came and kicked sand on us, then pointed and laughed. And we were just minding our own business!!! Because it was like every little Jedi fanboy and girl wanted a piece of the Mandos because their armour is just so ****ing cool. Do the people making this show, and whatever other piece of Jedi ass-kissing trash even understand what the Mandalorians are? Do they even care that the Mandalorians have a very unique culture, that's not all about armour and T-visors and Boba Fett? I mean, **** a doodle doo. It's just plain exploitation is what it is. It's like thinking the Chinese have only been around for the last 50 years, or that the Scots wear only kilts, or that thinking all Muslims are radical extremists. It's stereotyping and bullying.

And to think of somebody other than Karen Traviss writing about the Mandalorians, establishing them...it feels like letting a stranger into the house, one that will violate your family like some sick twisted pervert.

And the WORST part?? Mandalorians as PACIFISTS??? That's like ripping off a man's nuts off and going "ROFLMAO" like some little twit.

Anyone else feel this way, or is everybody going to gang up on me like I just muttered how there's a white elephant standing in the room?

Oh, and don't even get me started on the Mandos as Sith pawns in "The Old Republic." Grr...

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